Karma Physics


Does Karma really exist?

In my opinion, no. I think Karma can appear to be a force in nature, but really I think it’s more of a term designed to describe exactly what you’re doing to keep your life going a certain way. They say the only change comes from within, and I can’t help but think that’s exactly what supports the idea of Karma. If a thief hangs out with thieves, more than likely he will experience a theft. A liar whom hangs out with liars is going to be told a lie.

“Well Kenny, I may have cheated on past partners but I was completely faithful to my significant other in this case and they still cheated on me.”

Then you need to ask yourself, did you take the proper time to heal and make the changes necessary to not hang in the same company? Too often people rush into rebounds, or don’t allow enough time to truly get healthy, both emotionally and mentally. Chances are, unbeknownst to you, that you were attracted to this person based on qualities you yourself harbor. Not necessarily good ones either. You were blind to it at no fault of your own. Now you’re at a crossroad on whether to complete a transformation as a person, or to become jaded and resort back to your old ways but I think we all know that we get you nowhere.

Once a cheater, always a cheater isn’t the case. A cheater who does not heal what ails them, yes. A cheater who takes the time to reflect, address the wounds and begins to sew the sutures has all the chance in the World to find true, lasting love. However, if that person rushes into a new relationship, or seeks out someone as unhealthy as they are in a relationship, they are destined to experience the pain again.

You are your Karma.


The Foundation


My roommate pointed out we have an awful lot of plastic bags in our pantry. This is undoubtedly a result of going to Walgreens or Rite Aid several times a week for various things, as it’s closest to my apartment. I don’t know why I say things, it’s always just pasta, ice cream, and Utz Hot Curls. 99 cents, they’re dope.

She was nice enough to have given me a tote bag to use. As the hunger hit for da hot curlz, I decided to pick up the usual various things, along with Q-tips and a Diet Pepsi. I became a weirdo at this point because I didn’t grab a basket thinking I’d be able to handle all I was originally purchasing, and I refused to use the tote out of a socially awkward disposition against anyone possibly thinking I’m thinking about stealing, which is more rooted in the fact I just care in general what people think of me too much.

So finally I tapped and decided to go get some help. I put everything down by the Q-tips, got a basket, went back and proceeded to gather up things left. Peter was on tonight, who’s a cool kid. Not as cool as Michael from Rite Aid, but ill in his own regard none-the-less. We had a chat, I paid, and was on my way back.

Upon putting things away, I realized my Diet Pepsi was missing. Did Peter mess up or did I forget to grab it? Peter was my initial thought. I said to myself, “Myself.. Peter wouldn’t do that, man. You know this. You’ve built such a foundation of trust and general camaraderie that the astronomical odds of that far surpass being struck by lighting-Pete wouldn’t do that to ya!”

I wanted to believe it but I wanted to buy that Diet Pepsi so bad, there’s no way I had forgotten it. Peter had forsaken me.

Left it next to the Q-tips. Bought that one and another.
2/$3, not bad.

…now how do I come clean to Peter about this?

Today, the Terrorists Won

These two, huh?

Today, just about every theater in America decided against screening the upcoming Comedy “The Interview”. A violation of free speech? Perhaps. A grim look at the future? Maybe. Completely and totally a dick move on the part of North Korea. WITHOUT A DOUBT.

I’m not here to argue or nitpick about the first amendment and whose right it is to do what. No, instead, I am here to mourn the end of a terrific streak. Far mightier than Cal Ripken’s consecutive start record. Way cooler than the Undertaker. I’m talking about the streak of movies I’ve had my butt in the seat for which starred Seth Rogen.

Not a single one has let me down!

And yet, now it is broken. It will lay in the annals of time as one of the most historic days of our lives: the day the beautiful, wonderful, Semitic Superhero known as Seth Rogen was stripped of his title as “Comedy King”.

I even loved “The Green Hornet”. Can you believe it? “The Green Hornet”. Saw it twice.

Now one may argue that this is a bad look for America, and to that I say “nevermind!” There is a bigger issue at hand here. These Freaks and Geeks over at North Korea have taken this thing too far. Blow up a school, nuke a nursing home for Christ’s sake. But why attack Seth? For what? For trying to make us laugh?

It’s wrong, North Korea. It’s wrong. However, I will thank you for this. You have now given us a valid reason for pirating. We’re still going to see this movie, North Korea. We stand, hands across America, our fingers to our mouses ready to eat up those GBs, son. We will not go quietly into the night. Instead, we will march valiantly to our rooms, dens, and man-caves.

We will download. We will see a depiction of your leader fall on 13″-17″ monitors everywhere. Some people will even have two screens. You can take our popcorn, but you can never have.. OUR BANDWIDTH!

South Korea is where it’s at anyway, honestly,

Attention Whores

Screen Shot 2014-12-12 at 6.28.33 PM

Why would you cover your face? This is just screaming to someone, “Hey, look at my body and only my body!”

Growing up, I remember encountering a certain sect of females whose fathers just failed to hug them tight and tell them that they are a beautiful creature, whom deserve to be respected and loved. They would then grow up to be the girls who the gossip viciously spread like wildfire about how many guys she slept with in one night, or possibly at the same time. I’d run into them at a bar after High School, and they’d spend the night telling me how they’re stripping for College and how I should come see them one night.

No thanks.

Fast forward 10 years, and she’s still stripping. For College, of course. However, with the advent of Social Media, a whole new beast has emerged. Seemingly clean girls, with moralistic background and supportive parents who flaunt their bodies on Social Media and whore for likes, as opposed to love. The thing missing from the equation? The dicks. These girls have slept with minimal men, and yet still crave to receive attention from any human willing to supply it.

This has made me come to a surprising crossroad. One where I find myself respecting the girl who chooses to fill her void with sex, something I never thought I could do. Respect girls who have no respect for themselves. These “Social Media Goddesses” seem to have the utmost respect and confidence, they’re just vain. And that’s not a cool story.

I’ve never been to a strip club in my life, but the picture I used for this blog sent me over the edge, so in the near future I may see that change. I’ll simply walk in, request the back room, give a stripper a hug, whisper “respect, girl” in her ear, and ‘Clayton Kershaw’ a knot of singles at her face and roll out.

Maybe I’ll get a Ciroc and Cranberry before I leave, if I didn’t break her nose with that fastball of 1’s.