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It’s all the way live.

I can see more of the dudes than the chicks. :|

This week I had an audition at “The Comic Strip Live” in hopes of getting passed. Getting passed means you’re invited to come to the club during the week and try out material on later shows. It’s a great way to work out your material and build a relationship with the club and comics who frequent there.

Normally, building a relationship in general gets you the opportunity to get passed, however in this case there was a drawing, you got a date to come and perform for the owner, and you would do so as it came. This is a big deal. This is performing for someone who’s entire livelihood is Comedy; this is how he makes money to provide.

I passed. Richie had nothing but positive, nice things to say about me. It was a really great opportunity, and I was fortunate enough to have gotten it. Naturally I was asked how long I have been doing it which is a little over 3 years now. These auditions usually take place after a lot of hard work, dedication, sacrifice, and performing to hone your skill.

The thing is though…

I’d gotten up twice in 2015 before this audition. Yet every comic will tell you, “you’ve gotta perform, perform some more, perform to get good before you can accomplish things” and I just showed that someone doesn’t have to do it that way. I’m not saying by any means that getting up as much as you can isn’t a way of doing things, simply that there are alternate ways to do it. There’s a bunch of ways to the top.

This is more a note against people I’ve said this to and they scoff, writing off that focusing on a brand and networking is important at this stage of the game, which is what I try to accomplish over performing. The lovely part in all of this is that even with their negative disposition and disregard of my opinion and respect of my hustle, is that at least we’re all following our dreams.